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Building an Android Mobile Application with Kotlin

If you can’t find what you want in the app store, why not make your own?

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About the course:

Kotlin is a programming language that is slowly gaining popularity in mobile app development, especially among beginners as it is relatively easier to comprehend. As it is a variant of Java, it is fully supported by all Java frameworks and Integrated Development Environments (IDE) of Java.  

If you are looking to change your career path to become a mobile app developer, this is the course for you. This masterclass aims to equip you with practical and instructional knowledge to build an Android mobile application from scratch.   


Who should attend?

  • Beginners with no previous programming experience who wish to learn how to build a mobile app from scratch. 
  • Existing Android Java programmers who wish to transition to Kotlin for Android app development.   

Key learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Kotlin 
  • Learn how to use Kotlin with Android Software Development Kit (SDK) 
  • Deep dive into constraint layout and develop an app that supports multiple device sizes.
  • Gain the expertise required to develop functional and interactive applications with the rising star of programming language for mobile apps, Kotlin. 

Course content

  • 8+ hours of on-demand training and instruction videos
  • Earn a certificate upon completion
  • Flexible and mobile learning mode
  • 100% online course

Course Syllabus

Module  1

Introduction to Android Development

Taking the first step into Android app development. This module allows you to familiarise yourself with the functions and components of the platform.

  • Android architecture 
  • Key features of Android 10 and Marshmallow 
Module  2

Introduction to Kotlin

This module provides a detailed introduction to each and every aspect to learning the Kotlin programming language.  

  • Variables
  • Strings
  • Functions
  • Numbers
  • Conditional Logic
  • Collections Loops
  • Nullability
Module  3

Layout and controls

This module provides step-by-step instructions on how to program specific functions on an app that ranges from menu, settings, dialogs and many more.

  • Menu
  • Input control settings
  • Dialogs
  • Toasts
  • Styles
  • Material Design
  • Drag and drop
Module  4

UI and Fragments

Learn how you could build a flexible UI to support a wide range of screen sizes with fragments to optimise the user experience based on available screen space.  

  • Dynamic UI
  • Webrequests and API (Retrofit and Network API) 
  • Hosting API
  • Creating user
  • Login user
Module  5

Location and Sensors

Using sensors on the device to add rich location, motion and proximity capabilities to your app from GPS or network location to accelerometer. Learn how you could implement a location sensor in your Kotlin app.  

  • Introduction to different types of Sensors
  • Location strategy
Module  6

Publish your app

You’re almost there! Discover how you can publish your app on Google Playstore with this step-bystep instructional module.

How does this online course work?

Real life best practices
We show real case studies, techniques and methods used by experienced specialist.
Optimisation of learning
The course is based on the principle: Know-See-Do, according to which the completion of each individual modules enables the quick implementation of specific activities in practice.
Practical application
Teaching materials and recordings with the lecturer's comments will show you how to implement basic mental health and wellbeing initiatives straight away.
Learn on the go
Materials are available 24/7 on our dedicated platform. Access your course at any time and place convenient for you.
Certification of course completion
The certificate issued confirms the knowledge acquired by the participant and documents the participant’s professional development, and is available in a digital format for print or download.
Top expert
  • World-class knowledge
  • Quality study materials
  • Practical exercises
  • Frequently Asked Questions


    What background knowledge is necessary?

    None! This course is appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about Android mobile application development. 

    Are there any dates for in-person meetings?

    No, there are no in-person meetings at an indicated place for this course. The whole course is based on online learning through an interactive educational platform. By joining this course, you gain access to all materials, video lectures and online presentations.  

    Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?

    Yes, at the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate confirming the participation and completion of the course.