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Coding 101 for Kids

Let’s give them a leg up in this digital first world

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About the course:

It is never too early for children these days to learn to code. The world of programming does not have to be the intimidating, never-ending wall of text and numbers that we see, and run away from, in our working life. For example, if your child spends any time on the internet to watch videos, access websites for school or play web-games, they have already been exposed to code.

Learning to code has proven to help children improve their creative problem-solving skills and empower them to collaborate and create as they build projects of their own. Coding can be a visual tool for your child to develop a technological understanding of how things work. In this online course, let your child learn the basics of code and experience the joy and satisfaction of coming up with an e-card and their own online mini-game.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Understand the building blocks of the internet
  • The different coding languages for kids: HTML, Javascript, Python. What are they for?
  • Creating your own mini-game with your code of choice


Course content

  • 8+ hours of on-demand training and instruction videos
  • Earn a certificate upon completion
  • Flexible and mobile learning mode
  • 100% online course


Ali Irawan

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Grosenia

Course Syllabus

Module  1

Introduction to HTML

This introduction session is aimed at highlighting what exactly code is used for. Popular media has exposed them to an understanding of code that might seem overly complicated, but in this exercise they will learn HTML and CSS.

  • Basic HTML Layout
  • How to use image in HTML
  • How to use CSS in HTML
Module  2

Creating Web Based Greeting Cards

Based on their basic understanding in the previous module, we will embark on the first hands-on exercise for your child. They will learn how to create a web-based greeting card to send out. This will use HTML and CSS and once finished, will be ready to publish immediately.

  • Choosing the right layout to use
  • Adding some images to make it pop 
  • Adding greeting text and other messages
  • Using CSS to transform the card
  • Publish online and send as an email 
Module  3

Creating A Mini-Game

Creating a mini-game does not have to take weeks. This module will help introduce your child to a software that can help visualise the process for them to make learning simple. They will be able to learn the building blocks of game design and how they can continue to create others.

  • Introduction to Construct3
  • Creating the classic game Snake
  • Other features and games that can be created
  • Finding more resources for coding


How does this online course work?

Real life best practices
We show real case studies, techniques and methods used by experienced specialist
Optimisation of learning
The course is based on the principle: Know-See-Do, according to which the completion of each individual modules enables the quick implementation of specific activities in practice
Practical application
Teaching materials and recordings with the lecturer's comments will show you how to implement basic mental health and well-being initiatives straight away
Learn on the go
Materials are available 24/7 on our dedicated platform. Access your course at any time and place convenient for you
Certification of course completion
The certificate issued confirms the knowledge acquired by the participant and documents the participant’s professional development, and is available in a digital format for print or download
Top expert
  • World-class knowledge
  • Quality study materials
  • Practical exercises
  • Frequently Asked Questions


    What background knowledge is necessary?

    None! This course is appropriate for kids aged 9 and up who are interested in learning to code. 

    Are there any dates for in-person meetings? there any dates for in-person meetings?

    No, there are no in-person meetings at an indicated place for this course. The whole course is based on online learning through an interactive educational platform. By joining this course, you gain access to all materials, video lectures and online presentations.  

    Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?

    Yes, at the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate confirming the participation and completion of the course.