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Accelerate Digital Transformation in Marketing

Building a successful digital future in Marketing

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About the course:

Marketing is an ever-evolving section of business and it is incredibly fast paced. This is primarily due to the rapid change in consumer behaviours that requires marketers to work faster than ever to keep up with the preferences of digital audiences. The rise of digital technologies could accelerate business growth, if it is used correctly. However, as the rate of emerging new technology increases exponentially while competition becomes increasingly intense, it has accelerated the pace of disruption, resulting in immense ambiguity and unease among business leaders.  

Digital transformation is complex and many organisations are struggling with it. It is important to recognise that achieving success in digital evolution is a realistic and manageable goal. According to Forbes, 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail to reach their stated goals because of 2 primary reasons.  

  1. Lack of solid understanding of the root of the organisation’s issues 

  1. Failure to align internally to plan and execute transformation strategy.  

This masterclass aims to support business leaders and organisations in embracing a “move fast and fail fast” culture to drive innovation and lead digital transformation from strategising to managing your team in Marketing.  

Who should attend?

  • Business leaders
  • C-Suite (CEO, COO, CTO, CIO, CInO, CMO, CDO, CGO)
  • Marketers of senior executive level and above

Key learning outcomes:

  • Adapt and apply strategic thinking, digital foresight scanning and sense-making techniques for a digital transformation journey 
  • Apply divergent thinking for digital trend analysis and technology adoption
  • Develop business strategies and value propositions driven by digital opportunities and foresight
  • Influence the “future” by communicating and drive change for digital strategy
  • Grasp the attributes of confident and effective digital leaders

Course content

  • 8+ hours of on-demand training and instruction videos 
  • Flexible and mobile learning mode 
  • 100% online course 
  • Certificate upon completion of a post-course evaluation

Course Syllabus

Module  1

Overview of the business model

This module introduces the common hidden traps in business-model design, how to work with Cynefin (digital and complex models), how to understand and find function in business and your market, approaching your business with a lean approach, help your business to pivot to the right way forward. 

  • Is the model adapted to the digital era? 
  • Stacey - Cynefin: Industry era -> complicated // Digital -> complex 
  • How businesses function, from the go-to-market approach and value proposition to the ways, it seeks to make money and effectively transforms its core business, tapping into new revenue sources and approaches, sometimes even dropping the traditional core business after a while. 
Module  2


Strategic thinking and planning is crucial in driving your business forward. This module examines how you can establish an effective strategy and roadmap to a successful digital transformation: 

  • Vision 
  • Goals / cross-department  
  • Organizational design and roadmap 
  • Cross-functional strategy 
Module  3

People & Organizational Culture

Organisational and cultural diversification is key to ensure sustainable growth for now and the future. At its core as the humans, the people who work with each other to get to those goals. 


  • Education 
  • Worker empowerment 
  • New workplace models 
  • Changing the partner-client relationship  
  • Training 
  • Motivation 
  • Empathy  

Organizational culture: 

  • Vertical - flat 
  • Silos 
  • Structures 

          - Matrix 

          - Project-oriented 

          - Team oriented 

  • Rapid iteration, acceptance of failure as a means for progress, and developing a resilient culture. 
  • Customer-centric  
  • Customer experience / research / customer journey 
  • Stakeholders  
  • Data management and analysis capacity 
Module  4


What types of leadership are there, how can we improve and condition our leadership teams to organize themselves so that they are set up for success? This module is an introduction to leadership styles, characteristics, and teaches how to develop roles and their characteristics.  

  • The different kinds of leadership characteristics 
  • Different styles of leaders 

- Servant leadership 

- Emerging leadership 

- Command and control 

  • How to develop roles 
  • Characteristics 
Module  5


  • How to install a culture of continuous improvement and innovation? 

How does this online course work?

Real life best practices
We show real case studies, techniques and methods used by experienced specialists
Optimisation of learning
The course is based on the principle: Know-See-Do, according to which the completion of each individual modules enables the quick implementation of specific activities in practice
Practical application
Apply what you learn to real-life solutions straight away with guidance from our detailed teaching materials and video recording
Learn on the go
Materials are available 24/7 on our dedicated platform. Access your course any time, anywhere
Certification of course completion
The certificate issued confirms the knowledge acquired by the participant and documents the participant’s professional development, and is available in a digital format for print or download
Top expert
  • World-class knowledge
  • Quality study materials
  • Practical exercises
  • Frequently Asked Questions


    What background knowledge is necessary?

    Given the strategic orientation of the module, participants should typically have at least 5 years of professional experience in the Marketing.

    Are there any dates for in-person meetings?

    No, there are no in-person meetings at an indicated place for this course. The whole course is based on online learning through an interactive educational platform. By joining the course, you gain access to all materials, video lectures, and online presentations.

    Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?

    Yes, at the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate confirming the participation and completion of the course.